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Here is the updated guild raid nights. Mon-Thurs Ops times and listed run may change with little notice as we basically run those ops on the fly based on how many we have to run with. Friday-Sunday times are firm

Fridays: HM 8Man & SM DF/DP 16Man
            Formation @ 11:00pm or earlier if we have enough people
            Launch @ 11:30pm or earlier if we have enough people

Saturday:  16Man HM
               Formation: 9:00pm
               Launch: 9:30pm

Sunday: 8 or 16Man HM
             Formation: 8:30pm
             Launch: 9:00pm

Tues- 8 Man HM Alt run
         Formation: 8:30pm
         Launch: 9:00pm

Weds- 8 Man HM Alt run
          Formation: 8:30pm
          Launch: 9:00pm

Thurs- SM Op 
          Formation: 8:30pm
          Launch: 9:00pm

HM Ops team for the week will be posted here by Wedsnesday every week, as well as in it's usual place. It is very important that everyone HM ready sign up no matter what your availablity is, so we know who is coming. The 8Man group that goes Friday will be part of the 16Man group that goes Saturday. Some exceptions may apply.

HM Team for 9/12/14: Bold Italics
HM Team for 9/13/14:

Ranessa & Nas

Heals: Ake, Cynii, Sabo, Zenshiro

DPS: Rhi, Tuarim, Buzz, Priv, Das, Drk-wolf, Anti, Wonder,
 Drecin, Kwaz


Standby- Cai-kindo, Aassh, Ajow, Liriya, Aria, Auggie, Sid, Xkal, Muff

HM INACTIVE- GuyForget, Amarie, Drev

If your name is not listed, then please contact an officer so we can inspect you and get you into rotation.

KOTOO is still looking for additions to our HM team. The following classes are what we're looking for:
1. Tanks (at least 1 more)
2. Heals (1-2)
3. Dps (Commando & Sage classes)

If you are interested in one of the above mentioned spots, contact Ranessa, Das-tyrannis, Antimorality, Phe-kile, or Rhii'annon

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by Irindi, 46 days ago

Often times during raids we like to razz each other about our DPS. Well I think it's time to put your money where your mouth is >.<   I want to see EVERY DPS on our HM team prove their numbers. I think this will be a good opportunity for everyone to get a feel for where they sit on the damage charts.


Rules for the parse so everyone is on the same playing field:

1. All parses must be done on a 1 mil hp dummy because let's face it, anything less is substandard work

2. As it was in College, so it is now...screenshot or it didn't happen

3. Stims, buffs, perks, voodoo magik are all legal

4. Must use parsec since all others suck


Chart will be updated as I see screenshots. 


 BuzzBlade Sentinal  4:24  3787
Ram-me (Anti)  Commando  5:03 3303 2
 Drk-Wolf Sentinal 5:02 3302  3
 Wondertata Gunslinger 5:12 3209  4
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How to:

by Irindi, 337 days ago

To add your toon(s) to the guildsite:

  1. Click the Guild Roster tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Scroll down the bottom and click the "add new character" button
  3. Follow the instructions there, and you're done.


To sign up for a raid:

Option 1.

  1. Click the Ops Signup button
  2. On the right side of the screen there will be Widget called "Upcoming Raids", Just click the signup button below the raid you want to participate in
  3. When the next screen opens, there will be 3 options on the right "Available" "Tentative" "Unavailable"
  4. Choose your availability and then select which toon you are available with (Keep in mind your Operation Lockout time on that toon).
  5. Click Submit


Option 2.

  1. Click the Calender button at the top of the page
  2. Choose the date you wish to participate
  3. Choose the raid you wish to be a part of
  4. Click the signup button on the right hand side of the screen.
  5. Choose your availability and then select which toon you are available with (Keep in mind your Operation Lockout time on that toon).
  6. Click Submit
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