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There's been a lot of good things going on in the guild lately. The biggest of which, most of you may have already noticed. Over the past couple of weeks we have been working with a guild Imp side, and I'm glad to say that the Knights and Imperial Shadow Guard have come together to be one guild. The combined strength of both guilds will be a great asset with the coming of the 3.0 expansion. Here are a few perks that this new combined effort will bring to both guilds.

  • More Ops: With people from both sides, we'll be able to form ops virtually every day of the week! That's a lot of runs, lots of comms, and more opportunity for people to gear up and get experience needed for more challenging runs.
  • Combined TS: We are now sharing one TS! Communication is essential to any guilds advancement. Knowing the people you Op with and just knowing people in the guild in general help to get more done.
  • New Website: A merger of this size is going to require a new website. This will allow both guilds to know when things are going on, and on what side the events will be taking place. 
  • More HM players: Ops are the bread and butter of the Knights. With ISG help (and vice versa) we will have more people to run HM ops with, which will also allow us to form more groups and gather gear and experience faster.
  • Stronger player base: Need I say more? 

Most of the above mentioned changes have already taken hold and are really working well. I look forward to any new changes coming and the impact we'll have as 3.0 comes closer. 

Cheers all, see you in game
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by Irindi, 137 days ago

Often times during raids we like to razz each other about our DPS. Well I think it's time to put your money where your mouth is >.<   I want to see EVERY DPS on our HM team prove their numbers. I think this will be a good opportunity for everyone to get a feel for where they sit on the damage charts.


Rules for the parse so everyone is on the same playing field:

1. All parses must be done on a 1 mil hp dummy because let's face it, anything less is substandard work

2. As it was in College, so it is now...screenshot or it didn't happen

3. Stims, buffs, perks, voodoo magik are all legal

4. Must use parsec since all others suck


Chart will be updated as I see screenshots. 




Guardian 4:54 3394
Ram-me (Anti)  Commando 5:03 3303 2
Drk-Wolf Sentinel 5:02 3302 3
 Wondertata Gunslinger  5:12  3209 
 Liriya  Shadow  5:26



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