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Greetings Knights!

Our last Officer meeting has brought about a few changes to KOTOO. First, congrats to Cynii and Buzz on your Officer Promotions. Both of you have definately earned those spots. Our weekly ops schedual has changed as well. Our new Schedual is as follows:

Fridays: HM 8Man & SM 16Man
            Formation @ 11:15pm
            Launch @ 11:30pm

Saturday: 16Man SM
               Formation: 2:15pm
               Launch: 2:30pm

               16Man HM

               Formation: 8:45pm
               Launch: 9:00pm

Sunday: 16Man HM/8Man HM
             Formation: 8:45pm
             Launch: 9:00pm

Weekday Ops TBA

HM Ops team for the week will be posted here by Wedsnesday every week, as well as in it's usual place. It is very important that everyone HM ready sign up no matter what your availablity is, so we know who is coming. The 8Man group that goes Friday will be part of the 16Man group that goes Saturday. Some exceptions may apply.

HM Team for 8/1/14: Bold Italics
HM Team for 8/2/14:

Nas & Anti

Heals: Phe, Cynii, Ake, Liriya(tinyfox)

Dps: Aria, Buzz, Irindi, Priv, Das, Tuarim,  Drk-Wolf, Drecin, Muff, Rhi,


Standby- GuyForget, Sid, Ulterior, Amarie, Drev, Wonder, Aassh,  Xkal, Kwaz

If your name is not listed, then please contact an officer so we can inspect you and get you into rotation.

KOTOO is still looking for additions to our HM team. The following classes are what we're looking for:
1. Tanks (at least 1 more)
2. Heals (1-2)
3. Dps (Commando & Sage classes)

If you are interested in one of the above mentioned spots, contact Ranessa, Das-tyrannis, Antimorality, Phe-kile, or Rhii'annon

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A Message From the Bossman

by Irindi, 76 days ago

I would like to start by saying Congratulations to Saturday's 16man HM team. Not only for the speed and precision of our runs, but for adapting and getting our first 16 man HM Tyrans kill. The teamwork and raid awareness that everyone showed on those bosses was exemplary. I'm looking forward to seeing how our new group does in raids to come. 


I would also like to thank those of you who were asked to sit out of that run. Mainly because it shows great character on the part of our guild. Those of you were asked to sit this week, will be raiding with us next weekend. Due to us having more HM toons than we can accommodate in one run, we'll be cycling people in/out of our HM 8/16 Man runs until we have enough members to form yet another team. At the present rate in which our guild is growing, that shouldn't be long off. 


As for the guild in general, I couldn't be more pleased in all the effort your guys have put into it. A guild isn't based on the strongest players, it's based on all the players and their willingness to get better as a team. We have a lot of up and coming 55's that are learning the Ops ropes, and many more well on their way to becoming 55. I've also been seeing more interest from our players in doing PvP/GSF and I hope we can find a way to expand on that aspect too. Having a well rounded guild is a good basis for attracting new active players. As far as activity goes, after my most recent guild purge we're down to 14% inactive in the guild, out of damn near 450 toons. That's by far the best I've seen in this guild yet. 


With all that being said, here's a few things for everyone to know:

1. Forming another 8man raid team will require some effort. Mainly in the fact that we need 2 new tanks. Anyone interested please post below or contact me in game.

2. If you're 55 and working on ops gear, try n put your best foot forward by learning the raid fights and if neccesary pugging during the week to get more comms for gear. (we've all had to do it)

3. As for recruiting; We are nearing our cap so recruiting is now going to be based more on level/class. We're doing this because we need to keep the formation of new ops groups paramount at this time.

4. 55's please keep me (Irindi/Ranessa) up to date with your gear. If I don't know you're HM ready, then you prolly won't get into a run. For reference, your gear should be all 168 (or better preferably) and fully augmented to be considered.

5. SIGNUP FOR RAIDS!! I cannot stress this enough. Letting us know that you are going to be available helps us determine what roles we need filled for the run. Please sign up as early as possible. Signing up 10mins before the raid doesn't help us lol.

6. Finally, be active in chat/TS. Getting to know your guild helps out tremendously down the road and helps everyone get a feel for what you know and what you're capable of.


That's all I have Knights. Keep up the good work.



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by Irindi, 175 days ago

Hello Knights!


It's been a while since I've updated this, so here we go. First, I'd like to welcome all new members to the Knights. The officers and I look forward to running missions with you all. To those of you who have been with us for a while, I want to say thank you for all your hard work and time vested into making our guild great. I would like to take this moment to cover just a few things.


  • If you have an alt in the guild, we ask that you go to the guild list and edit your member note accordingly. Please put "main" next to your main toon, and your main toons name in your alts member note
  • At this time, we ask that ALL members keep at MAX, 3 toons in the guild. Your main, your main alt, and a toon to level. If you have more than 3 alts, we ask that those alts be moved to our sister guild "Smash Mouth Spider Monkey". If you require an invite, just contact an officer or council member. 
  • Any question regarding the Guild, OPS, or general Guild Operations should be directed to an officer if possible. We are all in constant communication and can help you the best with guild matters.
  • We keep it pretty loose here. Play when you want, however you want. But if you're able to pitch in and help a fellow guild member out please do :)


For all those 50+...just a few special reminders to keep in mind.

  • If you are ready to join us for ops, please let us know. Like most of you, we are not mind readers haha.
  • We ask that anyone joining us for ops please download TeamSpeak. It's a small program and very simple to use. Contact an officer for channel invites Teamspeak Download  (NOTE: We do not use VENT,  or Mumble)
  • If you are not sure whether you're "ops ready" contact any officer and just ask. We will find a run for you no matter your gear. And if it does turn out that your gear is really bad, we'll help take care of that too lol. 
  • For HM Op Runs, we ask that you have at least a full set of 72 gear, fully augmented. If you need help with this, please let us know
  • **Due to the large amount of level 55 toons in the guild, we ask that anyone wanting to run ops with please sign up on this site. There is a button at the top labeled "Raid Signup". Toons who are signed up for a raid, will get invite priority over toons who are not signed up.** 


Thanks for taking a second to read this. If you have any questions, please post below and we'll answer you promptly.




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How to:

by Irindi, 290 days ago

To add your toon(s) to the guildsite:

  1. Click the Guild Roster tab at the top of the screen.
  2. Scroll down the bottom and click the "add new character" button
  3. Follow the instructions there, and you're done.


To sign up for a raid:

Option 1.

  1. Click the Ops Signup button
  2. On the right side of the screen there will be Widget called "Upcoming Raids", Just click the signup button below the raid you want to participate in
  3. When the next screen opens, there will be 3 options on the right "Available" "Tentative" "Unavailable"
  4. Choose your availability and then select which toon you are available with (Keep in mind your Operation Lockout time on that toon).
  5. Click Submit


Option 2.

  1. Click the Calender button at the top of the page
  2. Choose the date you wish to participate
  3. Choose the raid you wish to be a part of
  4. Click the signup button on the right hand side of the screen.
  5. Choose your availability and then select which toon you are available with (Keep in mind your Operation Lockout time on that toon).
  6. Click Submit
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